Benellie Beds is exceptionally proud to offer affordable Melbourne-made mattresses. You won’t find any fake sales here! We strive to offer genuinely low pricing each and every day.

Benellie Beds is able to keep prices low because we don’t have the exorbitant overhead costs of larger retailers; we don't pay sales staff and we don't pay showroom or warehouse rental space. 

We are delighted to be supporting local jobs and Australian business. Our manufacturer is a family-owned business that has been successfully supplying Melbourne (and Australia) with their mattresses and upholstered bases and bedheads for 30+ years.

Mattress Warranty

All mattresses should be rotated 180 degrees on a regular basis. Benellie Beds recommends that a mattress should be rotated every 2 weeks in the first month, and then once a month for the duration of the warranty period. This will ensure even wear. Failure to rotate your mattress will void the warranty.

Benellie Beds specifically excludes from the warranty:

  • Small manufacturing irregularities that do not affect mattress performance.
  • Comfort issues relating to the customers’ preferences.
  • Fit of manchester items.
  • Handles - handles are not intended to be used to lift, turn or transport the mattress.

Body Impressions (small indentations) are normal on the surface of any new mattress, whilst the inner components are settling and adapting to your body contours. This does not constitute a manufacturing fault. Under Australian Standards, up to 40mm height loss is considered normal for a pillowtop mattress, and up to 30mm for a non-pillow top mattress.